Wiregrass Radio Control Club
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The Wiregrass Radio Control Club (WGRC) flies at Hunt Stagefield (see top  picture below) in Newton, Al and Brown Stagefield  (see bottom picture  below) in New Brockton, Al. Members may fly anytime their are no full size  aircraft on the ramp, parked or running. We are allowed to fly only on  Weekends, Holidays and Safety days when there are no flight ops.  Requirements to fly on Ft. Rucker fields are: AMA membership for  insurance purposes. FAA registration in keeping with the latest Federal  rules governing Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) and WGRC  Membership.  Currently membership in the WGRC is 30 dollars per year or  3 dollars per month for TDY personnel.  Guests are welcome to come out anytime that club members are flying and  watch the flight activities. Children must be closely supervised by parents  to insure their safety and that they do not interfere with flight operations.  Pets should not be brought out as the high frequency engine noise could  be very painful for their ears, or they may run in front of a taxiing aircraft. Spectators or anyone wishing to become a club member and aircraft  modeler should identify themselves to club members so that they can have  questions answered and be given a flight operation orientation.  
Hunt Stagefield, County Road 18 Newton, AL Between Ala Hwy 123 & Ala Hwy 231 South of Ozark, AL   North of Dothan, AL
Brown Stagefield, County Road 515 Off Ala Hwy 84 Just West of New Brockton, AL