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WGRC FUN FLY GUIDELINES Revised May 2009 These guidelines have been discussed and set at various Executive Committee (EC) board meetings over the years. This list is an attempt to keep track of what was agreed upon at the meetings. Where the policies are not set as mandatory, the word NORMALLY will be used to indicate that some leeway is allowed. The changes for 2007 are mostly to the type airplanes allowed to fly in WGRC Fun-Flys PURCHASING PRIZES The CD is allowed a fixed budget by the EC to purchase prizes. Normally prizes will be purchased at the WGRC Hobby Shop Sponsor, however, the CD has final authority of what prizes will be selected within the budget set by the EC. PRIZE TICKETS Normally the tickets will be sold at the registration desk. Only AMA members may register and only registered pilots or the CD may purchase tickets. Normally 1 ticket is given out when the registration fee is paid. Extra tickets will normally be sold for 1 dollar each or 6 for 5 dollars AWARDING OF PRIZES The CD has final authority on how prizes will be awarded. One popular method is to let the first three winners select from among all prizes in the order of their placing. Then tickets are drawn and each winners selects from among the remaining prizes. REGISTRATION The registration fee will be TEN (10) dollars to everyone. Flying is not required. The CD must register to fly, however need not register to purchase tickets. Pilots registering will show their AMA cards to confirm current AMA membership. SAFETY 1. No use of mirrors for taxiing, or flying models. 2. No events allowed where starting the engine is part of the timing for the event, all timing will begin after the aircraft is running. This also means no parts must be removed from the aircraft or engine prior to starting the engine. 3. The CD has final authority to disqualify and ground any aircraft for safety reasons. The CD may coordinate with safety officer / field marshal, or other knowledgeable pilot prior to grounding an aircraft. AIRCRAFT ALLOWED TO FLY The CD has final authority as to which aircraft will be allowed to fly and which will not; based on suitability for the FUN-FLY. 1. Normally only one aircraft is allowed per contestant, the contestant is allowed to change airplane parts, such as propeller or add on cups to hold beans, etc. for different events. The Engine may not be changed for different events. 2. Normally only glow, gas, or electric powered airplanes with conventional (tail dragger) or tricycle landing gear may enter. 3. Normally there are no helicopters allowed. DISQUALIFICATIONS The CD will discuss disqualifications with the WGRC safety coordinator, President, or other EC members to determine if any flyer should be disqualified. No one person is always in the best position to see exactly where a model was or what it did or did not do. The CD, after getting other opinions may then make the final decision to disqualify.
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