Wiregrass Radio Control Club
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    The Phil Spiegeland Fly in is April 6th at Hunt field. Starts at 0800. Fun Fly contest winner gets $20, 2nd place $10, 3rd place $5.  There will be three events with a fourth tie breaker if needed. You must used the same plane for all events. Events are: 1) Bean Count- A cup is placed on the plane with 10 beans in it. Take off fly one pattern and land. Count beans. Pilot with the most beans wins. 2) Time to glide- Take off and climb for 30 seconds then cut engine. Pilot with longest glide to land wins 3) Spot landing- We will have three zones on the runway I 5 I 10 I 5 I  You get three turns to touch and score points. Score is where the main gear touch. After three turns the scores are added up.           highest cumulative score wins. 4) Tie Breaker will be Silent Count- With no timer or assistance pilot takes off and fly's one minute then lands. Time closest to one minute without going over wins. Food and drink for participating pilots.