Wiregrass Radio Control Club
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Open Fly in with food and drink jointly sponsored with the SRCF. Location Toth Field. Date is 4/12 with 4/26 as the rain day alternate. No fee just fly,eat and enjoy. One case of 15% Cool Power will be raffled off. Float Fly at Larry's pond. Date is 5/17 with 5/24 as the rain day alternate. This event is also jointly sponsored with the SRCF and has been a lot of fun. Pizza and Drinks are provided. No landing fee. T-Shirts Phil is taking orders for WGRC T-Shirts. The estimated cost is $22 to $24 each. As with most things the larger the order the better the price. He is ordering two extra of Medium, Large and Extra Large shirts to have on hand. Please email Phil directly for your order. pspiegeland@centurytel.net Sent from my iPhone